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Related article: Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 00th 44th 39 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 23 n With Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - broken tears 23 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you Preteen Xxx here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not Preteen Xxx stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. Hello everyone, I know it's a long time have not been updated, but I was so busy GRADUATION with my homework! But now I am, and completed FULLY DONE Well, I'll take a few months, maybe more, before applying for universitiesY THINGS, so I'll have more time to write E -mail to: andrewgay41 hotmail. com ------------------------- --------------- --- -------------------------------- --------------- --- ------ Recap -Hello ! Now, in the last chapter we saw Brandon and Ty was fucked up relationship even Ty not only be a random shit. He wants something special. Brandon obviously cares about him, as is very concerned for his safety, but do not know how to express their feelings. John is back, and so made ​​plans to Café Ben and Ty go to catch , and that's what happened in the last chapter of Broken Tears ------ ---- ---------------------------------------- ------ --------------- ---- ********************** * guilt - Chapter 23 ** ********************* [ Ty POV] n I went to Ben cafeteria with John in tow. Area was recorded with a strange smile on his face. I dragged him in one of the two empty booths and smiled. We take a yesin front of the other. "Just as all that? " I asked him to smile. I looked into his eyes and sighed. " Bad " he said, gave me a sad look. "What 's going on? " I asked, anxiously. " Well, I was looking for a guy like me... But I do not like me back. " He said, looking at me. I felt the discomfort of type and fill the air. "John... Not so. They are fine, but I'm in love with a Douchebag... but in love. " I always say that my bitter feelings of Brandon. " I do not understand... How can you, as someone who treats you like shit ? Do not understand. " He said, angry with me. " I do not know how I tried. Let me tell you, you can judge the whole thing, then. " I said angrily, too. " Ok" he said with a grin. I went to tell the whole story, Jeff and me, Tom and I, and finally, Brandon and me. He was with me looking lost in thought I finished my story. " Well, I kind of like Jeff at all. Tom, I think, mature and Brandon uncertain... But there's only one thing I do not understand. " He s, he said, a little disturbed. " What is it? "I asked to look at, and scanned my face. " You're as bad as Cale. "He said, and my face became pure anger. " What are you talking about? ! I would never do to anyone what I did. "I said, almost crying. " You already did... A Brandon 's girlfriend... "I said, looking into his eyes and anger in his face turned into shock. My mouth was slighlty open and tried to make an apology, but no, I 'm as bad as Cale. John is right. I covered mouth in shock. I have someone what he did for me... I know the pain of being cheated. I know what hurts, and I have no to someone. "I Sorry, Ty, but I think that the leg... You have to deter things with this girl. "I said, looked at me sternly. ", but would not it be better if they learned ? Brandon can be dumped, and they hate me if she did. "I said, worried. N " I know you. I kThat at present, the baby, but if it does is to eat. "I said gently. I looked at her warm smile and beckoned to come to my side of the cabin. He sat with me, I rested my head on his shoulder, and he put his arm s I around them. "John... Why did you come here? "I asked seriously. " I have said. I came here because I like you and wanted to know if she wanted to be with me. "He said, therefore, objectively, and sounded a little too much for my taste tested n. " Yes.. But I know that you have to return in a couple of weeks... Do you have a plan? "I asked. I looked and then looked down. " I had planned to ask him to come to me, at least during the summer... "He said, looked at me and smiled. " do not know. I would, but I love it here. "I said, smiling. " Even if someone here wants to kill you ? "He said, looking away, and my mouth opened slightly in shock. " H- how? " I asked in shock. I was still looking awaand him. "I met Kyle... I was in England and told me, and he suggested I come to you. " He said sadly n in the ground. " Well, that 's why you came ? " I asked in shock. He nodded and held my hands. " Please come with me. It is not safe here... Please. " He asked me. " I can not. I have to find this guy... If I do what he can do what he did to me, to someone else. " I said, trying to reason with him. " At least I promise I 'll think about Preteen Xxx it... Please. " He said, moving the hair out of my sight. I nodded and sighed with relief. I wanted to ask something else, when I saw Brandon go to the cafeteria. He had his arm around Dina, and kissed her on his head and smiled at her, smiles one of those little bad boy of him. My heart broke into my chest. John continued to my ​​view, and Brandon fell for a second, then it has formed. " It's hot, but can someone better. " He said, kissing on the cheek. A shiver ran through me. "I do not think anyone better. " I said, looking out the window glass. My reasoning was weak, my hair looked a lot like my shoulders n, and for the first time I looked ugly. I wanted to be able to look on the face completely. I pushed the hair back and my eyes n I saw tears. Brandon and Dina was reflected in the glass, and slowly turned around and made a false smile. saw and smiled. " Hello, I have spoken in a while not on it. " Dina said, sitting across from me. My hand grabbed Juan, looking at him, feeling shower blame on me. Brandon sat in front of John and his tight grip on my hand. " Dina missed you... I can talk to you privately? " I asked. She looked confused, but nodded. Brandon and John looked at me for a second and slid off the base so Dina and I could leave. I watched with a sad smile, and she smiled brightly. I knew that happy with Brandon, and I wanted to break... But they had to know. We went to athe stalls empty in the back, and sat down opposite her. Looked worried for a second. " Before you say anything, I am a party tonight... you gotta come with me. It seems kind of blow. " She said, I hands clasped on the table. I looked down Preteen Xxx and my eyes filled with tears, and tears fell on the table. How I can do for a friend s what Jeff has for me ? How can you destroy the value, the fate "II: " I stood there and looked down, his hand caressing me. "What happened ? " He asked, eyes watering. " I slept with Brandon. " I said quietly. Stopped stroking, and a few seconds later, the average of the left hand. I looked up, and that covered her mouth. " B -b- Brandon? " She said slowly, tears streaming down his face. I knew the face, the face of pain and wonder... What did I do wrong? Why? Is it my fault ? Could not go through with it. I can not make you feel the pain I felt. There is too much. A powder friend Your Love.. There is nothing worse. "H- HE Dr. unk, and I thought it was hot. So... "Tears streamed down my face when I told him, made a lie, a lie that made me feel like crap. " I've cheated, and he kept calling his name when we did. He thought I do not know. "I cried in my mouth. This lie was is a blow to my confidence. I felt like a whore. I felt like I was going to say what was real. " I disappeared before he woke up and \\ \\ n clean the place, so unsuspecting... He does not know. "I said, still without looking. Slowly I looked up, , and looked upset, angry beyond. Lifted his hand and slapped me. Many heads turned, went to Brandon immediate John looked at me with sad eyes. " is fucking gay... Are you a piece of shit chasing a straight man, damn bitch... And you could only get will fuck when drunk and thought! That's how you're screwed. He did not even know what to think about it so... You disgust me. Not always talk to me again! "I felt his words Pierce for me, and the sting of the slap on the cheek burned. I rubbed her cheek and nodded. "You never go back to him, cock hungry bitch ! " She said with a groan. Brandon ran to us, , and grabbed the hand of Dinah. " Babe, what's going on ?" He asked, stroking his hand... Tending to her, not me, because he loves her, not me. " Nothing.... We feel like I'm not a sissy. " She said, freezing, and Brandon seemed stunned. He looked at me, tried walk on me, but he stopped and shook his head. Dina grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the cafeteria. I felt a big hand rub my shoulder, not familiar touch. I looked up and saw Ben, the owner of a coffee and looked at me. " Hello... Are you OK ?" Asked to provide a warm smile. " Yes. " I said up. He nodded and went to the kitchen, and John looked at me puzzled. " Why is she hanging out with Brandon? Thought I would hate him after I told him. " He said, scratching his head. "Americans is odd. " Said again. " I told him that Brandon was drunk and it was my fault. " I said, feeling my tears to wash my face and looked astonished. - took my hand and led me to the cabin near the front window. We sat down and rested my head on his chest. I cried silently n as he rubbed his back gently. " Why did you do that?" He asked, kissing her forehead. " Because I love you. " I said, weeping on his shirt. He sat back and forth and whispered what I think was a lullaby to my the ear, and her hand rubbed her back gently. " He does not deserve. " I heard him say, he sounded sad. I looked at him and he was afflicted, as if something is was deeply concerned. " I do not care. I still love him. " I said, and wept on his chest, tears streamed down my face. I felt embarrassed, insulted, cheated, used, and. I looked out the window and saw Brandon looked at me, while Dina spoke to him. He stared at me for a time until he looked away. [POV Brandon ] Ty and Dina went to a bOoth to talk back and left me alone, and John, and looked at me suspiciously. Ty does not like. Now, I'm not like all the other men around Ty. He was looking at my chest. Button my shirt was unbuttoned easily, and to see the tattoo was on my chest. The tattoo looks like a wound, the claws of a tiger. "Like tattoos? " I asked, trying to make conversation. He looked me in the face. " Yes, it's a genius. " He said with a smile. " You do not ? " I asked coldly. " four", he said, smiling proudly. "Cool. What are they? " I asked. He raised his long-sleeved shirt, and I saw something written on the wrist, a bit like Arabic. " This is called" the imperfections of love. "Cool, huh ?" Said smiling. " Yes.. Where are the other three? " I asked. He smiled and raised his arm. There was something written on his shoulder, that is a pair of eyes on him. " This one says" well if you like, you can not see. "You are connected. " He smiled and showed me the Croohis neck k , where some letters. "What does that tell you ?" I said with a sincere interest now. ", he says, " because they make you so special. That's it. "He said, No on the back of his neck. " I thought you said you had four years ? " I said as he unbuttoned his shirt. " Yes, it's a room with no relationship to the other tattoos, however. "I said, I showed some of his bare chest, and in nice cursive writing two letters in English, Ty. Just above his heart. " Ty... As in Tyler? " I asked slighlty crazy. " Yes He 's always here, buddy. I love this guy, and I would do anything to have it. "He said, looking over his shoulder. I felt the urge n to beat him and say, Ty was my baby, and almost did, but I heard a strong impact. I looked at the noise and saw Ty cover retraction n the cheek and hand it Dina. apparently Ty had just beaten in the face. I got up and ran a , and Dina got up and grabbed my hand. insulted Ty, who looked horrible. IRied to move against him to keep, but could not move. I followed Dina. The sky was dark, and the raindrops began to fall slowly, not full of rain. " Dina, what is happening and why you hit her? " I asked, annoyed with her. " Well, he had seen it coming, that little fag. " She hissed angrily completely. " Dina, please tell me what 's going on. You are never like this. " I said, trying to reason with her, but she was thrilled. " I do not know how to react, baby... might end up killing the queen. " She said, sour, and I was angry. " Do not call it that, what 's going on Tell me !" Yelled at her. She looked at me and then on the pavement. "Babe... Well, * sigh * At the lake house you were drunk at the wedding... And he said, he entered the room and took the fact that you were drunk and have sex with him, and thought it was me, so I let it happen. I do not blame you, baby... The fag blamed for how they will care for him. "She said , looking over the glass window in which Ty sobbed into the chest of John. I looked and we looked into his eyes and looked away. I clenched my fists and teeth started rubbing. I put my fist in his mouth and bit on the ankle, so my eyes with tears. Why? Why the fuck that has to please everyone in the first place and is the victim? Tears threatened to get out of my eyes as I bit my ankle. took the blame on me. He rose from the blow. I saw him, and he was crying uncontrollably on the chest of John. I tried John, more than anything at this time. Ty wanted to keep me and feel safe, but not standing, because I saw him, and mourn, hate, and I saw him move for me. I looked at Dina. "Sorry. " I said. I did not know what to say. "It's not your fault, love.. But do not hit him or something. Calm down. Do not take us back. " He walked towards me and hugged me in the vicinity, and I wrapped my arms around her. The rain fellNow, let my tears flow and mingle with the rain. Vi to Ty, and he looked at us hugs. He managed to smile at me and made ​​it worse. Why do you love? Why can not someone who can love life you need ? I know I can not bear the thought of him in love with another man... It so confusing. I went to my car like a zombie and Dina opened the door. She went in and I went to the driver's side. I put at home, and once I was in my garage, which began hitting the steering wheel with my fists, shouting, kicking and horn. " Fuck you, Ty... Fuck you! " I screamed at the wheel when I let my feelings. Why would you say that? Why should I go? I do not deserve it. I do not deserve anything! I went to my room and lay on the bed. Ty hit against tear in my spirit, I said it would be if I closed my eyes tormented with nightmares. [POV Ty ] I was surprised, because John put me in my house. it washis hotel and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I went to of the house and saw the rain... I do not like the rain. It always rains when something terrible happens to me. I hate it ! I my ​​way and went to the rooms of Li. " Hey," he said sadly. She was ironing her hair and well dressed. "Baby, did something wrong ? " He asked me a look in the mirror. ", Brandon said Dina... I... But I put it all on me. " I said. She stopped ironing my hair and looked again. " They did it because they do not want, because what you are suffering ?" He asked, looking at me. " That's all. " " Well, do you want me to stay ?" He asked anxiously. " Dina going to party, right? " I said clearly. " Never again. " She said, smiling. " Nah Go drink.... I do not care.... I just do not agree. " I say pointing to his stomach. " Are you sure? " He asked, still worried. " Yes, Preteen Xxx I want to be alone. " I said as she nodded. " Okay baby... Tom will be here any moment. It's for mand Jeremy and as my love, the car has been broken. " She said her ironing board rang hair. 's Door. " He has to be. I will keep you company while you are finished hot... What might be a while since I, like shit. "I said. with a smile that gave me a nasty note, and I went downstairs and opened the door, smiled Tom ". Long time no see. "He told me, hugged me and lifted me into the air. I laughed, and left me. " Yes, "he said, and took him to the room. " So you is the party? "I asked about my clothes wet n. " No.. I do not want to party tonight. "I said sadly. " sounds sad... Are you okay? "He asked anxiously. " Yes, just do not want to talk about it... Sorry. " I told him to nod in silence. " Whatever it is, it will be fine. I'll be here forever, you know. "I said with a smile. " I know. Thank you, Tom. "I kissed her cheek and blushed a little. " are here. "He said, pointing to his heart with a cheeky smile. " And here is always smiling : "Hesaid that make me blush. " Thanks. " He kissed me on the lips as a thank you note. There were no sparks, but it was nice, though. He smiled and looked into my eyes. " I wish there was a spark. " He said, touching my hand. " I know. " I said, and heard footsteps on the stairs. We looked Li with straight hair and a black dress n with her purse in her hand. It looked good. Jeremy entered the room and whistled to her. "You look great, love. " He kissed her softly, holding her hands. Tom got up and went to them. "See you later, Ty. " They said, and walked out the door with the umbrella in hand. I heard the elevator door open and close, and went down the stairs and into my room. I took a hot shower and dry my body. Li grabbed hair dryer, drying hair very well, and saw n at my reflection. Somehow, I hated my reflection. Maybe it was because I had to Dina. Perhaps because the again my son was in love with someone who constantly breaks hisThe heart. He looked at me sadly, was a Li room Preteen Xxx and picked up a few things from her bag of hair. I ran to my room and looked in the mirror of my dresser. E n my hair with two fingers to measure, and reached the tip of my nose. I took the scissors and measured again. I stopped average cut right on the bridge of the nose y. A lock of blonde hair lay on the dresser, and I kept cutting and cutting, are n to remove the image in the mirror, trying to change my hair to shoulder length blond. Now it was like a normal boy cut, but I still had my horse. It never came to my eyes, but I covered his forehead and eyebrows. More things I took from his pocket and washed my hair with the rinse. I cut my hair to match and dried with a hairdryer. I stood before the mirror in my body and my face... I looked different. I could see my face, my red lips, my big blue eyes, flat nose, my cheeks, and my ears. My hair was short on Preteen Xxx the back and sides, and the pony covered all of my forehead. I looked good! I liked it much better than I could see my face completely. I took my contacts and picked up my glasses. I put on my glasses and I looked in the mirror. I like... I look like I , as my mother, my hair looks, my boy alive. My blonde hair was so rich for the eyebrows, eyes looked sad, but still, I was happy. I was not hiding behind my hair no more, and could even be that way. I kept looking my ​​face, my phone rang. I returned to my room, picked it up and checked the screen. He said: "Brandon " and I said, very reluctantly. " Hello," he said by telephone. "Ty... something happened. " A Matter of Brandon, said by telephone. "What 's going on? " I asked anxiously. "The party... was an accident, Ty... We think she died. " I heard that Brandon, and his voice was full of fear. " Who? " I askedas if my stomach shrunk. My pulse was high, and the room started spinning around me. ============================================ ==== =========================== == The next chapter will be up sooon ! I hope you enjoyed this story, as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning. I hope Preteen Xxx that has given you. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If no read my story together in a list, called Aphrodite and the curse. It the past, so you must look up. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy Preteen Xxx ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! N HOPE CHAPTER marked. Stick around because things are going to be Steam About the author Well, hello ! I, Andy. I am the author of this story, and I hope it liking so far. In most of the emails that seem to want to know about me, , like my age, hobbies, etc. Now, I have 18 years, I like to write, as you can imagine me, I love poems and songs, and also to express by words. I want to be a doctor, my favorite color is blue, which looooove Ice is my favorite movie Easy A, and my favorite TV show is, friends! : D I love Chandler, and yes, I kind of have a sense of humor, and that sarcastic wit. : D Well, that's me, and if you have more Do not ask me please e -mail n Love, Andy
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